MBP Information

Maryland Board of Physicians
4201 Patterson Avenue
Baltimore, Maryland 21215
410-764-4777 or 1-800-492-6836

Staff Directory Listing


Executive Division

        Main number 410-764-5973
  • Christine A. Farrelly, Executive Director
  • Ellen Douglas Smith, Deputy Director
  • Phyllis Washington

Fiscal Services

        Main number 410-764-4777
  • Leslie Taylor
  • Todd O'Banner
  • Regina Rouchard

Communication / Education / Policy

        Main number 410-764-4770
  • Yemisi Koya
  • Wynee Hawk
  • Kim Jackson
  • Jasmin Johnson
  • Sandi Van Horn
  • Mark Woodard

Information Systems Division

        Main number 410-764-4761
  • Chris Triplett
  • Brenda Jones
  • Chima Obinna
  • Irina Schenerman
  • Nicholas Smith
  • Marty Teramani
  • Mark Higby

Licensure / Allied Health / Customer Service / Compliance

Licensure Unit (Physician Licensure and Reinstatements)

        Main number 410-764-3499
  • Dierdra Rufus
  • Lisa Dorsey
  • Leelyn Parker
  • Vicktoria Rhoney
  • Candace Ward

Allied Health Unit (Practitioner Licensure and Reinstatements)

        Main number 410-764-7983
  • Felicia Wright
  • Michelle Harrison
  • Cecilia Laurent
  • Linda Monroe
  • Shelley Taylor-Barnes
  • Julie Washington
  • Rhonda Deanes
  • Cheryl Green

Customer Service Unit (Renewals, Reports,Verifications, Drug Dispensing)

        Main number 410-764-4705
  • Rhonda Anderson
  • Barbara Dailey
  • Michele Dixon
  • Yasmin Gibson
  • Rosalee Lewis
  • Melvinia Nance
  • Felecia Sivells

Complaint Intake Unit (Complaints)

        Main number 410-764-2480
  • Maureen Sammons
  • Angela Gaither
  • Elizabeth Gantt, M.D.
  • Benjamin Mitchell
  • Lily Schmulowitz
  • Jennifer Saylor

        Criminal History Background Unit

  • Stacie Hobbs

Probation and Monitoring (Public Orders)

        Main number 410-764-2475
  • Gage Blair
  • Zachary Spivey

Compliance (DCCR & Investigations)

        Main number 410-764-5989
  • Doreen Noppinger
  • Molly Dicken
  • Andrea Doucet
  • Troy Garland
  • Amanda Miller
  • Colette Satterfield
  • Gretchen Westphal
  • Brooks Whigham

Popular Consumer Requests

To find the status of your renewal application 410-764-4797
To inquire about the name of the analyst assigned to your licensure application (after dialing, press "0") 410-764-4777
To request Physician/Allied Health Rosters or Mailing Lists 410-764-5984 or click on this link: Physician/Allied Health Rosters/Mailing Lists and scroll to 'Downloadable Rosters'.
To reach Athletic Trainer Program 410-764-4661
To reach Naturopathic Doctor Program 410-764-7983
To reach the Perfusionist Program 410-764-4661
To reach Physician Assistant Program 410-764-4757 or 4765
To reach the Polysomnographic Technologist Program 410-764-4661
To reach Radiographers, Radiation Therapists, Nuclear Medicine, Radiologist Assistant, or Respiratory Care Practitioners Program 410-764-4764
To request a Complaint Form 410-764-2480 or click on this link: Complaint Forms
To request MBP Newsletter/Materials 410-764-4777 or click on this link: Newsletters/Materials
For information regarding the Online New Physician Orientation 410-764-4736
For information regarding technical issues related to the Online Physician or Allied Health Renewal 410-764-4736
For information regarding the Professional Rehabilitation Program 410-878-9843
To reach the Designated Public Information Act (PIA) Contact 410-764-4772 or Email: yemisi.koya@maryland.gov

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MBP Educational Videos

"Crossing the Line" (1996) (17:49)    
"Patient/Physician Relationship" (1997) (18:07 mins)    
"Sense of Balance" (1998) (20:33 mins)    
"Peer Review: A Doctor's Perspective" (2000) (20:46 mins)    
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