Verification Information

Written State Board Verifications

Request for written verification of your Maryland license must be made in writing. Upon receipt of your verification request form and payment, the Maryland Board of Physicians (the Board) will provide a written state board verification letter. If you do not have a verification request form supplied by another state board or agency, print a Verification Request form. Our verification letter includes the licensee's name, license number, issue date, current licensure status, expiration date, disciplinary status and orders (if applicable) and the Board seal and signature. See fee chart below for applicable fees. Check or money order should be made payable to the Maryland Board of Physicians. Please allow 10 business days for receipt, processing, and mailing of your verification. The verification letter will be mailed directly to the person/entity specified in the request. Mail the verification request form and fee to:

Maryland Board of Physicians
P.O. Box 37217
Baltimore, MD 21297-3217

Do not send FedEx, UPS, or certified mail to this address. Mailing your verification request to our other addresses will only delay processing.

Verification Fee Schedule

 Athletic Trainers $25 Per Request
 Maryland State Board Examination Scores ** No Charge
 Nuclear Medicine Technologists $25 Per Request
 Perfusionists $25 Per Request
 Physicians (MD/DO) $50 Per Request
 Physician Assistants $25 Per Request
 Polysomnographic Technologists $25 Per Request
 Psychiatrist Assistants ** No Charge
 Radiation Therapists $25 Per Request
 Radiographers $25 Per Request
 Radiologist Assistants $25 Per Request
 Respiratory Care Practitioners $25 Per Request
 Unlicensed Medical Practitioners (training license) * $50 Per Request

* As of November 1, 2014, Unlicensed Medical Practitioners pay the same fee as Physicians.

** If there's no charge for your license type or you are requesting Maryland State Board Exam Scores only, fax your request to the Board at 410.358.2252. Please allow 10 business days for processing.

Verbal Requests

To receive a verbal verification of licensure, call 410.764.4777 or 1.800.492.6836, ext #4777. To find out the status of your verification, contact
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