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This data was extracted on 05/26/2018
John-Sowah, Joylene Iris
License and Education
License No.: D52523 
Special License Category  
Accepts Medicaid: No 
Maintains Malpractice Ins: data not available 
Graduated: 1994 
License Status: Active 
Date License Issued: 08/29/1997 
License Expiration: 09/30/2018 
  Primary Practice Setting
  Public Address
Nat`l Heart Lung & Blood Inst 
6705 Rockledge Drive 
Suite 6070 
MD  20817
        Graduated from: CORNELL UNIV MED COLL
Postgraduate Training Program Concentration
University of Maryland, Baltimore, MD Family Medicine
Specialty Board Certification
by ABMS/AOA - as reported by licensee
Licensee has not reported specialty information for the profile site.
Self-Designated Practice Area
Family Medicine
Maryland Hospital Privilege Information- as reported by licensee
Licensee has not reported privilege information for the profile site pursuant to HO 14-413.
Medical Licenses Held in Other States- as reported by licensee
Licensee has not reported this information for the profile site.
Active Supervisee - Delegation Agreement For Core Duties- as reported by licensee
Known Disciplinary Actions by any state medical board (within the past 10 years)
Summary: No actions reported during the last ten year period.
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Pending Charges
Malpractice   (Information to be taken into consideration when reviewing a Licensee's profile)
      Malpractice Judgments and Arbitration Awards (within the past 10 years)
None Reported

      Malpractice Settlements
      (If there are 3 or more settlements of $150,000 or greater within the past 5 years)
None Reported
Convictions for any crime involving moral turpitude
None reported by the courts

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