Notice to Credentials Verification Professionals

The official website of the Maryland Board of Physicians (MBP) is The Maryland Board of Physicians website receives the MBP information directly from the MBP database. The following MBP data fields are protected from alteration by unauthorized individuals by using encryption technology: practitioner’s name, license number, graduation date, license status, date license issued, license expiration, and Maryland disciplinary actions. Consistent with The Joint Commission (formerly JCAHO) and NCQA standards for primary source verification, the MBP website at is considered a primary source for these MBP data - it is the same information the MBP provides through other means, such as phone, fax, or mail, and is true and complete to the best of our knowledge. Each practitioner record displayed on the MBP website contains the date when the record was extracted under "This data was extracted on . . ."

Practitioners supply and can make changes to other information on the profile (e.g., self-designated practice area, postgraduate education). Other information is reported to the Board by other entities. Information from the practitioner and from other sources has not been verified by the Maryland Board of Physicians.

Please note that this site displays the practitioner license number in a slightly different format. To speed up calls to the database, we omitted the first two leading zeros of all license numbers within the Practitioner Profile database only. For example, D0099999 is the same as D99999 and can be used interchangeably for credentialing purposes on this site.