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    Three Physicians To Be Appointed By Governor To BPQA; Ballot Enclosed

    This issue of BPQA Newsletter contains a ballot listing those physicians who have been nominated to fill the two initial vacancies and one incumbent vacancy on the Board of Physician Quality Assurance. Dr. Suresh C. Gupta and Dr. Charles F. Hobelmann, Jr., have completed two full terms on the Board and are not eligible for reappointment. Dr. Mary M. Newman, whose current term expires this year, may be eligible for reappointment to another full four-year term. The names of sitting Board members eligible for reappointment are submitted to the Governor by MedChi in accordance with the Annotated Code of Maryland, Health Occupations 14-202 (d).

    MedChi modified the nomination process this year by requiring that nominations come from physician organizations of at least 25 members. Nominations were also accepted for candidates submitting a petition signed by 25 Maryland licensed physicians. Governor Parris Glendening will be given the vote tally received by each candidate and he will appoint new Board members from this list. Historically, the Governor has been sensitive to issues such as geographic representation, specialty, gender, and diversity among Board appointees. The Governor will also appoint a replacement for Mrs. Lorna Green, a public member, who resigned her position on the Board.

    Service on the BPQA is a time consuming commitment, requiring on average about six hours per week. Please vote for physicians who will honor this commitment and serve with energy, enthusiasm, and integrity. Candidates should be well versed in the peer review process and have sufficient practice experience to bring seasoned judgment to the problems the Board addresses. Physicians who perceive Board appointment as a vehicle to promote or protect their special interests will not serve the Board as well as those who embrace the true charge of the Board which is to protect the public.

    The ballot for this election process was prepared by MedChi, the Maryland State Medical Society. Each nominee was asked why they wanted to serve on the BPQA and their responses have been reproduced as submitted. Please complete your ballot, on page 6 of this newsletter, and return it to MedChi before June 10, 1999, in order to have your vote counted. This is your opportunity to have input into the Governor's selection of our new members.


    LOIS E. WEHREN, M.D., License #D21325, Specialty: OB/GYN. (Ellicott City, MD) Revocation. The physician failed to abide by the Board's December 31, 1996 Final Order. Date of Action: January 27, 1999.

    FARSHAD YAZDANI, M.D., License #D37046, Specialty: Internal Medicine. (Hagerstown, MD) Suspension for one (1) year, effective February 1, 1999, all but six (6) months stayed; Probation for four (4) years subject to terms and conditions. The Board concluded that the physician committed prohibited acts under the Health Occupation Article, Section 14-404(a)(3), (11), (18), (22) and (23) that is unprofessional conduct in the practice of medicine, willfully making or filing a false report or record in the practice of medicine; practicing medicine with an unauthorized person or aids an unauthorized person in the practice of medicine; grossly overutilizes health care services; failing to meet standards of care; and willfully submitting false statements to collect fees for which services are not provided. Date of Action: January 27, 1999.

    DAN E. AUSTIN, M.D., License #D46605, Specialty: None. (Mitchellville, MD) Suspension. The physician was found guilty of two (2) counts of mail fraud and one (1) count of fraudulently obtaining student loans and, and is thereby subject to state law which mandates suspension of the license. Date of Action: February 3, 1999.

    PIETR HITZIG, M.D., License #D12795, Specialty: Internal Medicine. (Baltimore, MD) Surrender of License. The physician engaged in unprofessional conduct, including boundary violations, and sexual misconduct with patients. The physician decided to surrender his license to practice medicine to avoid prosecutorial proceedings in the charges against him and in the Summary Suspension of his license. Date of Action: February 3, 1999.

    BANNISTER LEE RAINES, JR., M.D., License #D17735, Specialty: Family Practice. (Baltimore, MD) Surrender of License. The physician's surrender of license was prompted by an inability to work due to an illness. The physician violated his Maryland Physician Rehabilitation Program Advocacy Contract and Disposition Agreement with the Board. Date of Action: February 3, 1999.

    ALFRED D. BUDNICHUK, MRT , License #M00009, Specialty: Medical Radiation Technologist. (Belair, MD) Surrender of license. The surrender was prompted by the termination of his employment from a hospital for positive drug screens and failure to comply with conditions of his employment contract. Date of Action: February 24, 1999.

    MICHAEL F. MECINSKI, M.D., License #D44387, Specialty: None. (Baltimore, MD) Suspension; stayed until July 1, 1999, subject to terms and conditions, and stay to be lifted unless certain terms are met. The physician failed to meet standards of care in his practice of bariatric medicine for eleven of twenty-two patients whose records were peer reviewed. Date of Action: February 24, 1999.

    ARMANDO L. ORTIZ, MRT, Applicant, Specialty: Medical Radiation Technologist. (Sykesville, MD) Application for reinstatement of certification as a Radiation Technologist is denied. The denial is based on the Board's finding that he failed to disclose past criminal convictions on his initial application for certification and criminal charges on his application for reinstatement and for practicing after the expiration of his certificate. Date of Action: February 24, 1999.

    JACK L. MECH, MRT, Certificate #R03065, Specialty: Medical Radiation Technologist. (Belcamp, MD) Surrender of Certification. The surrender was prompted by an investigation of his termination from a hospital for falsification of prescriptions, positive drug screens, and failure to comply with his work agreement. Date of Action: March 10, 1999.

    MARCIA BETH KRACKOW, M.D., No License, Specialty: None. (Baltimore, MD) Application for licensure granted subject to conditions. The physician has agreed to continue to comply with all terms of her five (5) year advocacy contract with the Physician's Rehabilitation Committee and provide regular reports to the Board. Date of Action: March 17, 1999.

    ARTHUR G. LAW, M.D., License #D006630, Specialty: Psychiatry. (Vass, NC) Revocation. The Board took reciprocal action based on an action by the Department of the Army which served to permanently revoke the clinical privileges due to a pattern of substandard care and incompetence. Date of Action: March 24, 1999.

    RICHARD H. ANDERSON, M.D., License #D00634, Specialty: Psychiatry. (Baltimore, MD) Surrender. The Surrender was prompted by plans for retirement and an investigation based on a complaint which alleged that the physician engaged in a relationship which constituted unprofessional conduct. He acknowledged that the Board believes it can prove that he did other acts with three other patients and the acts constitute violation of the Maryland Medical Practice Act. Date of Action: March 24, 1999.

    ALAN S. GREENBERG, M.D., License #D04728, Specialty: Psychiatry/Neurology. (Baltimore, MD) Summary Suspension. The Board concludes that there is a substantial likelihood of a risk of serious harm to the public health, safety, and welfare because of the physician's failure to meet standards of care, and to keep adequate medical records, and the selling, prescribing, giving away, or administering of drugs for illegal or illegitimate medical purposes with regard to 13 patients. Date of Action: March 24, 1999.

    STANLEY Z. FELSENBERG, M.D., License #D01085, Specialty: General Practice Forensic Pathology. (Baltimore, MD) Revocation. The Respondent pled guilty to one count of mail fraud and aiding and abetting in violation of 18 U.S.C. 2 and 1341. The physician took an appeal from the conviction and the appeal failed, thereby making the physician subject to state law which mandates revocation of the license. Date of Action: March 24, 1999.

    MICHAEL R. KRONEN, M.D., License #D46906, Specialty: Psychiatry. (Silver Spring, MD) Suspension for six (6) months, as of the effective date of this order; the physician shall receive credit for 5 (five) months served with I (one) month immediately stayed; probation subject to terms and conditions for 5 (five) years from the effective date of the order. The Board concluded that the physician was guilty of unprofessional conduct with a patient in that the physician had social, physical, and sexual contact with the patient. Date of Action: March 24, 1999.

    MARY H. FANG, M.D., License #D23448, Specialty: Internal Medicine. (Rockville, MD) Revocation. The physician was found guilty of mail fraud and selling samples (drugs) and her time to appeal this conviction has passed. The Board found that the physician pled guilty to a crime of moral turpitude and is thereby subject to state law which mandates revocation of a license. Date of Action: March 30, 1999.


    BEZELLE THOMAS, M.D., License #D13254 , Specialty: None. (Silver Spring, MD) Administrative fine of $100. The physician failed to notify the Board of a change of address in violation of state statute. Date of Action: February 11, 1999.

    JANET L. RICE, M.D., License #D29798, Specialty: OB/GYN. (Baltimore, MD) Fine of $1,000. and terms regarding continuing education. The physician failed to obtain the required hours of continuing education credits. Date of Action: March 24, 1999.



    The Physician Palliative Care Hotline has been established as a toll-free number: 1-800-492-3805. It is available to physicians who wish to obtain immediate free consultation on pain management in palliative care. The initial call will be handled through the Emergency Medical Resource Center answering services.

    The physician calling the hotline should request the "pain hotline." The dispatcher will take the calling physician's name and phone number and will indicate that a pain management physician will call back within 15 minutes. The on-call physician will be paged immediately. All on-call physicians are board-certified in hospice and palliative care medicine.

    NOTE: As with any consultation, ultimate responsibility rests with the treating physician.



    Licensed physicians and osteopathic physicians are eligible to cast a ballot. You may make up to three selections for candidates to fill the vacancies on the Board. Ballots which designate one or two candidates will be valid, but if more than three selections are made, the ballot will be voided. Only this original ballot may be used, not a copy. Failure to sign your ballot or failure to accurately record your Maryland license number will also result in a voided ballot.

    The ballot should be mailed with 33 cents postage. Only original ballots will be accepted, therefore, do not fax your ballot. Detach your ballot from the newsletter, fold it into thirds, and tape or staple the free edge before mailing.

    The candidates are listed alphabetically

    Carol L. Bender, M.D., is in private practice in internal medicine in Rockville, Maryland, and is also an instructor, Department of Medicine at George Washington School of Medicine. She resides in Montgomery County. She received her M.D. from the State University of New York, Upstate Center, Syracuse, New York, in 1972, and she has been licensed in Maryland since 1975. Dr. Bender was nominated by 25 licensed physicians.

    "I want to express my gratitude to those who have nominated me for BPQA. If selected, I will continue the Board's objective of maintaining the integrity and reputation of high quality physicians practicing in the State of Maryland. With the change in the climate of medicine it is also imperative that physicians be protected from disgruntled parties whose complaints to BPQA have no legitimate basis.

    I have been in private practice in internal medicine for twenty-two years Early in my career, I participated in peer review of the major hospitals in D.C. and nursing homes in D.C. and suburban Maryland. I have been intimately involved in the Maryland peer review process for the last six years."

    Stanley Brull, M.D., is in the private practice of ophthalmology in Owings Mills, Maryland. He resides in Baltimore County. He received his M.D. from the University of Maryland, School of Medicine, Baltimore, Maryland, in 1969, and he has been licensed in Maryland since 1973. Dr. Brull was nominated by the Maryland Society of Eye Physicians and Surgeons.

    "Medicine is under siege today. As physicians, we are responsible for the delivery of medical care and we must do our best to maintain quality within our profession. If we do not do this ourselves, we may be forced to suffer the indignity of having discipline imposed upon us by outside forces which will not have the sophistication to assess quality in medicine that we alone possess.

    My experience working on Peer Review Committees at Med Chi, Sinai Hospital and the SurgiCenter of Baltimore, as well as my work for the Ethics Committee at Med Chi, should be a valuable in qualifying me for a position on the Board of Physician Quality Assurance."

    Robert J. Dawson, M.D., is a pediatrician practicing in Cumberland, Maryland. He resides in Allegany County. He received his M.D. from the University of Maryland School of Medicine, Baltimore, Maryland, in 1959, and he has been licensed in Maryland since 1964. Dr. Dawson was nominated by the Maryland Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

    "I have been a practicing pediatrician for thirty-five years and I am now beginning to cut back the time I spend in clinical practice. This will give me time to pursue other endeavors. During my career, I was Chairman of both Pediatric Departments in the local hospitals. I served on the Board of Memorial Hospital for a number of years, and one of my many duties during that time was the Chairman of the Quality Assurance Committee. I have been interested in Quality Assurance and have served on several committees over the years. At least part of this is devoted to increasing quality care. I feel like this experience would be useful and would qualify me to be a member of the Board of Physician Quality Assurance."

    E. Serrin Gantt, M.D., is a gastroenterologist in private practice in Rockville, Maryland. She resides in Howard County. She received her M.D. from the Johns Hopkins University, School of Medicine, Baltimore, Maryland in 1986, and she has been licensed in Maryland since 1991. Dr. Gantt was nominated by the Montgomery County Medical Society.

    "At this stage of my professional life I consider it my responsibility and wish to contribute: in this case by working with my colleagues to raise the standards and objectives of the profession. I serve and have served on a number of peer review committees to include: Chairman of the Medical Review Committee at Shady Grove Hospital, Chairman of the Gastroenterology division at Shady Grove Hospital, Clinical Monitoring Committee and Patient Care Committee at Montgomery General Hospital."

    Dora M. Mamodesene, M.D., is in private practice of family medicine in Green belt, Maryland. She resides in Montgomery County. She received her M.D. from Georgetown University, Washington, D.C., in 1977, and she has been licensed in Maryland since 1986. Dr. Mamodesene was nominated by the Maryland Academy of Family Physicians.

    "As a family physician, I know first hand the importance of optimal standards to assure quality for even the most passive patient, and criteria to guide those of us responsible for their well-being.

    In addition to the experience on the enclosed curriculum vita, I have served on the Executive Committee at Holy Cross Hospital, Chart Audit Committee at Prince George's Hospital, and Credentialing, Hearing Committee at Laurel Hospital. I have also been twice nominated for Physician of the Year by the American Academy of Family Physicians.

    I would be privileged to allocate time to serve on a board that works to safeguard the integrity of our medical system. Thank you for your consideration."

    Ross J. Van Antwerp, D.O., is an internist in Severna Park, Maryland. He resides in Anne Arundel County. He received his D.O. from Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan, in 1983, and he has been licensed in Maryland since 1986. Dr. Van Antwerp was nominated by the Maryland Association of Osteopathic Medicine.

    "The BPQA is needlessly costly and adversarial. Of course, physicians care deeply about medical care and we support quality assurance. But the BPQA seems more intent on achieving its stated goal of punishing more doctors than 80% of other states. A Board that sets out to discipline the most physicians is like a police officer that strives to write the most tickets; objectivity and fairness are compromised. This numbers game is expensive. Maryland physicians already pay higher license fees than 44 other states, yet BPQA is pushing for yet another increase. Unfortunately, only one of ten doctors voted in the last BPQA election. Please support me with your vote to create a Board working for quality of care rather than quantity of adverse actions."

    Baltasar B. Velez, M.D., is a general surgeon in Baltimore, Maryland. He resides in Harford County. He received his M.D. from the University of Havana, Havana, Cuba, in 1948, and he has been licensed in Maryland since 1954. Dr. Baltasar was nominated by the Baltimore County Medical Association.

    "To keep the ideals of the medical profession at a high moral level, and to help those in need of care, regardless of ability to pay, have always been driving forces in my practice of surgery.

    I have been a member of the peer review of the Baltimore County Medical Association, and as Past President of the Baltimore County Medical Association, and St. Joseph Hospital Medical Staff, I have had extensive experience in quality assurance.

    My goal as a member of this board would be to maintain the standards of American medicine. Only by policing our profession can we retain the confidence of those we serve."

    1999 BALLOT

    This ballot is for licensed Maryland physicians only. Please vote for no more than three candidates.

    This ballot must be received by June 10, 1999

    Name: _____________________________________________________________________________________


    Address: ___________________________________________________________________________________

    City,State Zip: _______________________________________________________________________________

    Maryland Medical License #:____________________________________________________________________


    Signature: __________________________________________________________________________________


    _____ CAROL L. BENDER, M.D.

    _____ STANLEY BRULL, M.D.

    _____ ROBERT J. DAWSON, M.D.

    _____ E. SERRIN GANTT, M.D.

    _____ DORA M. MAMODESENE, M.D.

    _____ ROSS J. VAN ANTWERP, D.O.

    _____ BALTASAR B. VELEZ, M.D.


    Physicians whose last names begin with the letters M-Z must renew their medical licenses before September 30, 1999. The renewal applications are mailed in early July to the last address the physician supplied to the Board. Please notify the Board if you have not received your renewal application by the end of July. The total fee for the renewal this year is $508.00, a reduction of $12 due to a reduction in the assessment (now $29 per year) to fund the Maryland Health Care Access and Cost Commission (MHCACC)

    Earning 50 Category I CME credits is a requirement for renewal. If you have questions or concerns about what constitutes Category I CME credit, contact the Board and request a copy of the CME regulations, or check our website at to find this information. Also, pay close attention to the dates your CME credits were earned, and the requirement that you keep the documentation for 6 years.

    Physicians whose renewal applications are not postmarked by September 30, 1998, are no longer licensed to practice in Maryland. In the two-month period following expiration of licensure, the Board will accept the renewal form with the renewal application fees and a $50 late fee. Until their licenses are renewed, physicians who file late applications are not authorized to practice medicine. Any physician who does not renew his/her license by the end of the two month period will have to go through the full reinstatement process to reactivate the license. Physicians practicing without a valid license are subject to fines up to $50,000.

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