There is no grace period after September 30th. You are not authorized to practice medicine if your license is not renewed by September 30, 2018 11:59 pm EST.
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  • Your address(es) on the online renewal application is current as of July 1, 2018. If you requested any changes to your address(es) that are not reflected on this application, please make the change at this time. These changes will be updated in the main database.
  • The electronic application is divided into sections for ease of use. You may select which section to complete.
  • You may leave the application and return at a later time to review or complete your application. The information you have entered will be saved.
  • You will need the following information to complete this application:

    Medical License Number
    Employer Tax Number (EIN)
    National Provider Identifier (NPI) number, if available. (Individual and/or Organizational)

    Refer to Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services at or call 1-877-267-2323 for NPI information.

    To Search for your Individual or Organization NPI go to:

    Workman's Compensation carrier name, policy number, and expiration date-only if you employ one or more individuals in your practice
    General office information (address, email addresses, telephone and fax numbers)
    Access to a printer to print a copy of your completed renewal application, your license confirmation receipt, and to print a copy of your downloaded license.

  • Please complete the Personal and Professional Information section (Questions 8-14) before you start the Practice Information section (Questions 15-26). Depending on your response to Question 10 and/or Question 13,  you may not be required to complete the Practice Information section.
  • Please complete a short evaluation questionnaire. This helps us make changes to the site to meet your requests.
  • The Maryland Board of Physicians is collecting information on how best to contact you if there is a catastrophic health emergency. Please complete the Physician Emergency Contact Information section before you submit your application.
  • Effective July 1, 2018, the Board will discontinue accepting checks or money orders for payment of license renewal fees. The license renewal fee is payable online by Visa or Mastercard credit cards only (American Express not accepted). Credit card payment will not be accepted by phone or in-person at the Board's office.
  • You will be required to affirm your responses on the application.


Security Notice

This renewal site is secured by the use of HTTPS software and VeriSign Digital Trust Services. It encrypts the data transmission to and from your PC to prevent unauthorized viewing of information that is entered, including the credit card information. It also authenticates the internet connection between your PC and our web site.

Additional Instructions

1. Question 1: This field contains your physician's license number and your name.

2. Question 2:  Enter the NPI number assigned to you individually.  If you do not have an NPI, mark that option.

3. Question 3:  Email address is vital for communication between you and the Board.  Having a current and accurate email address allows the Board to maintain real-time communications with you.

4. Question 4:  Enter changes to either your public or your non-public address. The public address appears on your profile, which is available at the Board's website on the Internet. The non-public address is confidential and is used by the Board to correspond with you. You are required to provide a public address.  You may also provide a non-public address.  If you provide only a non-public address, this address will also be made available to the public.

5. Question 6:  You must answer all parts of question 6, regarding character and fitness. If you answer "yes" to any question, you must enter an explanation at the prompt.

6. Question 10 asks whether you are in a postgraduate residency or fellowship program.  If you answer yes, you will skip questions 15 through 26 since these items ask for more detailed information about your patient care practice. 

7. Question 13a asks for an estimate of the number of hours a physician spends on patient care related activities.  If you answer 0 hours for patient care related activities, you will skip questions 15 through 20.

8. The Health Information Technology section is new this year.  The data collected will be used by the MHCC for statistical reporting.

9. Question 27/28: Physician Emergency Contact Information: As part of Maryland's emergency preparedness efforts, the Department of Health has identified the need for contact information on licensed physicians in Maryland. Please include this information on the page headed "Physician Emergency Contact Information." (Public Safety Article, Section 14-3A-01 et seq. and Health General Article, ยง18-901 et seq. set forth the powers of the Governor and Secretary of the Department of Health.)

10. Question 29: Certification and Authorization:  By checking boxes a, b, and c, you are certifying and affirming your renewal application.  If you check box d, you will be able to view your application online between the date you submit your application and September 30, 2018.

11. Question 30: Enter your electronic signature, including your name (as shown on your physician license) and the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number. Your license will not be renewed unless all questions are answered and the renewal application has been electronically signed.

12. Question 31: Enter credit card information.  You will need to complete all of the information on the drop-down form.

13. Once you enter a payment and press submit, you will see a screen confirming completion of the renewal and providing a Certificate of Completion and Payment Receipt. 

Additional Information for Physicians

Options Available to Physicians with Active Licenses

  1. Inactive Status: If you do not plan to practice medicine in Maryland after September 30, 2018, but wish to place your license on "Inactive Status", you may apply during the renewal period. You may obtain an inactive status application from the Board's website at Complete the application and submit it, with a check or money order for $50 payable to the Maryland Board of Physicians before your license expires. You may not practice medicine, prescribe medication, or conduct peer reviews of other physicians if your license status is inactive. If you wish to practice in Maryland in the future, you will be required to reinstate your license.
  2. Voluntary non-renewal of license: If you will not be practicing medicine at all after September 30, 2018, you may elect not to renew your license. If you do not want to renew your license, you do not need to do anything with this renewal application. If you wish to practice in Maryland in the future, you will be required to reinstate your license.
  3. Exemption from license fee: If you will be providing medical services to patients without personal remuneration, will not be engaged in the private practice of medicine, and will not write prescriptions for yourself, your family, or your friends, you may qualify for exemption from license fee. You must obtain an "Application for Exemption from License Fees" form (available at and follow the directions on that form.