Initial Physician License Application

Application for Initial Medical Licensure

*09/28/2023* The Maryland Board of Physicians now requires the Uniform Application (UA) and a completed Federation Credentials Verification Service (FCVS) for Initial Medical Licensure in Maryland.

Before You Begin

For a limited time, the FSMB is waiving the $60.00 UA fee for Maryland applicants.

  1. Did you get fingerprinted? A criminal history records check is required by law in Maryland. Completing your background check BEFORE you begin will expedite the licensure process. Click CHRC Instructions for details.

  2. Have you submitted your UA and FCVS to Maryland? The UA and FCVS are now a requirement to use the online program for Initial Medical Licensure (IML) in Maryland. The Maryland application requires the applicant to supply the Federation ID (FID) number obtained from the applicant's UA account. Data from the UA will be imported into the IML application.

  3. This online application is restricted to physician applicants that have never been issued a Maryland medical license.

  4. There are opportunities throughout the application to upload supporting documentation. Upload links are provided for things like name changes and any "YES" answers to character and fitness questions. Be sure to have this documentation available before you begin.

  5. Applicants using the online application must account for all time since medical school graduation, including non-working time as well as postgraduate training and employment. Information on malpractice claims is also required. Having this information on hand before starting the application is highly recommended.

  6. Payment of Maryland Board of Physicians' Application of Initial Medical Licensure Fees (non-refundable):
    1. Application processing fee of $310.
    2. Prorated $20 monthly licensure fee assessed from the month of license application approval to the month of license expiration. Prorated licensure fee will not exceed $480 (COMAR

  7. The Board reviews applications in order of receipt. If your application is missing information, you will be contacted by email within 10-15 days. The email will list the information that is required to complete your application. You have 60 days to submit the required information. If you do not submit the required information within 60 days of the receipt of the email, your application will be closed, and a new application and full (non-refundable) fee will be required.

DO NOT SUBMIT MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS IN A VARIETY OF PATHWAYS (Online-Initial, Reciprocity, Endorsement, and Compact)

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