Initial Physician License Application

Application for Initial Medical Licensure

In conjunction with the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB), the Maryland Board of Physicians is pleased to offer the Uniform Application (UA) for Initial Medical Licensure in Maryland. The UA improves license portability by eliminating the need for practitioners to re-enter core information when applying for licensure. Please note the UA does not replace the MBP licensure application.

Before You Begin

Using the UA for Initial Medical Licensure in Maryland is optional, however, this online application works best in conjunction with the UA.

  1. Restricted to only initial medical licensure applicants that have never been issued a Maryland medical license.
  2. If applicable, requires applicant to supply the Federation ID (FID) number obtained from his/her fee-based FSMB account.
  3. Applicants using the online application must account for all time since medical school graduation, including non-working time as well as postgraduate training and employment. Information on malpractice claims is also required. Having this information on hand before starting the application is highly recommended.
  4. Payment of Maryland Board of Physicians' Application of Initial Medical Licensure Fees (non-refundable):
    1. Application processing fee of $310 for American Medical School Graduates
    2. Application processing fee of $410 for Foreign Medical School Graduates
    3. Prorated $20 monthly licensure fee assessed from the month of license application approval to the month of license expiration. Prorated licensure fee will not exceed $480 (COMAR
  5. To help assist with the online application, you may want to download the Online Instructions to guide you through the required information needed to complete and review the online application.


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