Service Members, Veterans, and Military Spouses

The Board of Physicians is committed to assisting Service members, Veterans, their spouses through the licensure and registration process.

Military applicants have two pathways: Pathway A for a full license or Pathway B for an exemption from licensure. A Board Licensure Analyst will work directly with the applicant on each path.


Health Occ. §1‐701.
(c) Military spouse. ‐‐
  1. “Military spouse” means the spouse of a service member or veteran.
  2. “Military spouse” includes a surviving spouse of:
    1. A veteran; or
    2. A service member who died within 1 year before the date on which the application for a license, certificate, or registration is submitted.
(d) “Service member” means an individual who is an active duty member of:
  1. The armed forces of the United States;
  2. A reserve component of the armed forces of the United States; or
  3. The National Guard of any state.
(e) Veteran. ‐‐
  1. “Veteran” means a former service member who was discharged from active duty under circumstances other than dishonorable within 1 year before the date on which the application for a license, certificate, or registration is submitted.
  2. “Veteran” does not include an individual who has completed active duty and has been discharged for more than 1 year before the application for a license, certificate, or registration is submitted.

Pathway A: Expedited Application for Full Licensure for Service Members, Veterans, and Military Spouses

Pursuant to the Veterans Full Employment Act of 2013, the Board currently offers expedited licensure for service members, veterans, and military spouses. If a service member, veteran, or military spouse meets the requirements for licensure, the Board will issue the license within 15 days after receiving a completed application and fee. Health Occ. § 1-701 through Health Occ. § 1-706.

Pathway B: Registration for an Exemption from Licensure for Service Members and Military Spouses (Maryland License will not be issued)

Section 19 of the Veterans Auto and Education Improvement Act of 2022 offers an exemption from licensure to service members and their spouses under specific conditions. If an individual meets the qualifying criteria, the Board will issue a letter of exemption to practice in Maryland authorized by a valid covered license issued by another State or jurisdiction. This pathway does not result in a Maryland Medical license.


Service members and military spouses qualify for an exemption to licensure in Maryland if the applicant has the following:

  • Current orders to relocate to the State of Maryland for military service (must provide a copy of the orders).
  • One or more licenses issued by a state licensing authority in a similar scope of practice outside of Maryland jurisdiction (Covered License) are in good standing with all those applicable licensing authorities.
  • Actively used the covered license to practice during the two years immediately preceding the order to relocate to Maryland for military service.


  • Must complete and submit a Registration for Exemption Form to the Board. (No fee is associated with the registration form or exemption from licensure.)
  • Provide the Board with a copy of the marriage certificate if the applicant is a service member's spouse.

Additional Resources:

You can find additional information about the SCRA, professional licensure, and interstate licensure compacts through the following links:

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Thank you for your service.

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