The Medical Licensing Process

To help raise awareness of the role of state medical boards in protecting the public, the Federation of State Medical Boards has developed a series of educational modules to help medical students and residents learn about medical licensure and discipline before they begin their careers in medicine. Research from the Association of American Medical Colleges shows that nearly two-thirds of medical students completing graduate questionnaires categorized their knowledge of medical licensing and regulation as "inadequate." These modules are designed to help address this educational gap.

  1. The Role of State Medical Boards – This module describes the functions and mission of state medical boards, as well as the legal foundations of state-based medical regulation.
  2. The Medical Licensing Process – This module helps medical students and residents familiarize themselves with the licensing process before they apply with their state medical board.
  3. State Medical Board and Physician Discipline: Part I - Complaint and Disciplinary Processes – This module orients medical students and residents to medical discipline, a key function of state medical boards' role in public protection.
  4. State Medical Board and Physician Discipline: Part II - Common Reasons Physicians Get in Trouble – This module provides the common reasons for complaints against physicians, along with best practices to limit the likelihood of such complaints.


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