Request a License Verification

***Please read instructions below before starting your request ***

All routine verification requests must be completed online via the Board’s website. All written verification requests with payments mailed to the Board will be returned unprocessed. Written requests without payment will be discarded without action.

  • Licensees* can request and pay for a verification of their license online. The license verification is immediately e-mailed at the end of the transaction. You will receive an email confirmation of receipt and payment. Select Online License Verification to start.
  • The verification letter (Letter of Good Standing) contains primary source information that is accepted by all other licensing boards.
  • Verification fees are payable online by credit card only (Visa or MasterCard) The fee for each verification is $50.00 for physicians and $25.00 for allied health practitioners. Fees are non-refundable.
  • You have the option to submit a second verification to the same recipient board. From the main page select Resubmit my verification. There's no fee for resubmission.
  • If the receiving board is not listed in our system or you require the verification be mailed directly to you, mail your written request with payment (payable by check or money order) to; Maryland Board of Physicians, P.O Box 2571, Baltimore, MD 21215, Attention Customer Service. Allow 10 business days for processing.
  • Anyone can check the status of a license on the Board’s website by selecting Look Up A Licensee. Search a licensee by name or license number.
  • If you need verification of your Maryland State Board exam scores only, fax your request to the Board at 410-358-1298, attention Customer Service. There is no charge for a written request of Maryland State Board exam scores.

*The Board is no longer providing written verification of Unlicensed Medical Practitioner’s (UMPs) registration. Individuals must contact the hospital where the training occurred to obtain primary source verification.

If you have questions, contact Customer Service at 410-764-4705 or 1-800-492-6836, ext. 4705.