Verification of Licensure FAQs

***Please read below before starting your request ***

A verification of licensure (also known as a Letter of Good Standing) is a formal letter attesting to the current status of a license that is accepted by state licensing boards. The verification of licensure contains the following:

  • Practitioner's Name
  • License Number
  • Current License Status
  • Date of License Issuance
  • Date of License Expiration
  • Summarized Disciplinary Actions

Click here and follow the steps to request a Verification of Licensure to be e-mailed to one of the listed recipients. Each subsidiary of each state board may not be listed as a recipient. In most cases, large state boards accept e-mailed verifications of licensure on the behalf of its subsidiaries. For the best results, please determine the most appropriate recipient prior to submitting a request.

If you do not require a formal verification letter, click Look Up A Licensee to view the current status of a license.

No. The MD Board does not complete other state board license verification forms. All recipient boards listed in the online verification system agree to accept the MD Board’s standard verification form that is emailed following completion of the online transaction.

  • $50 for each verification of licensure regarding a physician license.
  • $25 for each verification of licensure regarding an allied health practitioner license.
  • The Resubmit my verification feature is a free service that allows requesters to resend a verification of licensure previously purchased through the Online Verification System.

An encrypted, digital verification link is sent to the registered e-mail address of the selected recipient board in Portable Document Format (PDF) immediately following the successful completion of the Online Verification System transaction.

Submit a written request that includes the following:

  • Requestor's name & contact information.
  • Licensee's name.
  • License number (verify the correct license number by selecting Look Up A Licensee).
  • Brief reason why the request could not be processed online.
  • Recipient's name & contact information.
  • Desired method of submission (e-mail or U.S. postal mail).
Mail the request along with the appropriate fee ($50 for each verification of licensure regarding a physician license or $25 for each verification of licensure regarding an allied health practitioner license) to the following address:

Maryland Board of Physicians
P.O. Box 37217
Baltimore, MD 21297

The check or money order must be made payable to the Maryland Board of Physicians. A verification of licensure will be generated within 10 business days following the receipt of the request and appropriate fee. Verification requests received without payment will be discarded without action.

The Board no longer verifies the registration of unlicensed medical practitioners (registration prefix "P"). Contact the unlicensed medical practitioner's training facility to obtain a verification of licensure.

Fax your request to Customer Service at 410-358-1298. The faxed request must include the recipient's name and contact information, the licensee's name, license number, the approximate date of the exam, and complete mailing instructions.

E-mail Customer Service at or call Customer Service at 410-764-4705 or 1-800-492-6836 ext. 4705.

Revised 03/2021