Criminal History Records Checks

Health Occupations Article § 14-308.1 Md. Code Annotated requires State Board of Physicians applicants and licensees to submit to Criminal History Records Checks (CHRCs) as a qualification for licensure, and added a new ground for disciplinary action if a licensee fails to submit to a required CHRC.

Timing of CHRC's

The Board recommends that applicants and licensees do not submit your fingerprints earlier than 6 weeks before the date you intend to complete your initial license and/or renewal application. The Board is authorized to retain CHRC information for 90 days.

The focus for staff are current renewals, reinstatements and new applicants.

Due to both CJIS and FBI requirements, the Board only has access to a CHRC for 90 days. Therefore, if a CHRC is received too far in advance and it is not matched, it will appear as if the practitioner did not submit to a CHRC. The recommendation for completion of a CHRC six weeks prior to the renewal period is meant to eliminate practitioners from having to submit to more than one CHRC.

The Board is notifying each practitioner type in advance of their designated renewal cycle. This advance notice provides ample time for practitioners to complete a CHRC. Please make sure your address is current. If you need to update your address, Click here to Change Address

Your licensure name must match your CHRC fingerprint request name. If there's a discrepancy, we cannot match the CHRC report to your license. If your name has legally changed, you should submit a Name Change Application (Physician Name Change Request Form or Allied Health Name Change Request Form prior to submitting a CHRC. Once processed, the Board will be able to match the CHRC to the licensure name.

Fingerprinting Done for Another Reason or for a State/Federal Agency

Results of a CHRC in another state or conducted elsewhere in Maryland cannot be sent to the Board. Each entity/agency/employer has a unique authorization code from CJIS and the FBI. The responses are sent directly to the appropriate agency. CHRCs cannot be shared between entities/agencies/employers.

You have to apply for a CHRC for the Maryland Board of Physicians.

Confirming Receipt by the Board of CHRC Results

* Please do not contact the Board to verify receipt or submit receipts. The Board receives electronic CHRC notifications within 72 hours.

When you receive your CHRC results (by mail), the Board receives results at the same time. Do not call the Board to verify receipt of your CHRC results. Board staff will not verify receipt of results. Retain your receipt in your records.

Board Review of CHRC Positive Results

Positive results are considered by the Board on a case-by-case basis. The Board must consider numerous factors pursuant to Health Occupations §14-313 and Criminal Procedure §1-209. If you receive a request from the Board for additional information, please submit your response as quickly as possible so delays in the process can be avoided.

Private Fingerprinting Providers

Commercial Fingerprinting Services (Private Providers) are authorized by COMAR Regulation 12.15.05. You will need to provide the following to the fingerprinting provider:

  • CJIS Authorization#: 1600000743
  • FBI ORI#: MD920522Z
  • Reason Fingerprinted: Professional License
  • Type: Governmental Licensing/Certification

NonCriminal Justice Applicant's Privacy Rights

Effective October 1, 2016, CHRC's are required for ALL reinstatements, renewal, and initial license applications. The CHRCs will be maintained in the Maryland and FBI database for further identification purposes. Applicants have the right to challenge their records. This is discussed in more detail...

Need more information?

To check the status of a current background history request, please contact the CJIS Call Center at 410-764-4501 or 1-888-795-0011, Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. or visit the DPSCS website.