Child Support Enforcement Mandate

Pursuant to Section 10-119.3 of the Family Law Article of the Maryland Annotated Code and the statewide Child Support Enforcement Program administered by the Child Support Enforcement Administration ("CSEA"), a unit within the Maryland Department of Human Resources, the Board of Physicians is required to suspend the license of any licensee or to deny a license to any applicant who is in arrears on child support obligations, upon notification by the CSEA that the licensee or applicant owes child support payments. The Board shall send written notice of the proposed action to the individual whose license is subject to suspension or denial, including notice of the individual's right to contest, in writing, the proposed suspension or denial on the basis of mistaken identity. In accordance with the Administrative Procedure Act, an individual whose license is suspended or an applicant who is denied a license may also appeal the Board's decision solely on the issue of mistaken identity. Once notified by the CSEA that the license should be reinstated, the Board is required to immediately reinstate a suspended license, or process an application for any license denied, as long as the individual otherwise qualifies for the license.