Board of Physicians Staff

Maryland Board of Physicians
4201 Patterson Avenue
Baltimore, Maryland 21215 410-764-4777 or 1-800-492-6836

Executive Division

Main number 410-764-5973
Christine A. Farrelly, Executive Director
Ellen Douglas Smith, Deputy Director
Phyllis Washington, Management Assoc.
Angela Gaither, Management Assoc.

Fiscal Services
Main number 410-764-4777
Leslie Taylor
Merricka Brown
Steven Christian

Communication / Education / Policy
Main number 410-764-4770
Rhonda Anderson (Renewals, Reports, Verifications)
Matthew Dudzic
Rachel Flemming
Sandi Van Horn
Miwa M. Williams

Information Systems Division
Main number 410-764-4761
Chris Triplett
Brenda Jones
Michael Muriithi
Marty Teramani

Licensure / Allied Health / Compliance

Licensure Unit (Licensure and Reinstatements)
Main number 410-764-3499
Nicole Thompson
Tamika Davis
Lisa Dorsey
Mabanese Henderson
Leelyn Parker
Marcus W. Pottillo
LaRee Small
Philip M. Thomas

Allied Health Unit (Licensure and Reinstatements)
Main number 410-764-4774
Felicia Wright
Rhonda Deanes
Margaret E. Jury
Rosalee Lewis
Linda Monroe
Dierdra Rufus
Princess Sando
John P. Shock
Jestine Smith
Christa Sutton
Michael Tran

Complaint Intake Unit (Complaints)
Main number 410-764-2480
Maureen Sammons
Elizabeth Gantt, M.D.
Amelia Rutledge
Jennifer Saylor
Julie N. Thomas

Criminal History Background Checks and Physician Drug Dispensing
Main number 410-764-4779
Stacie Hobbs
Eric Jarkowski

Probation and Monitoring (Public Orders)
Main number 410-764-2475
Zachary Spivey
Troy Garland
Oriell T. Harris
Alexandra Jones
Brittany Winborne

Compliance (DCCR & Investigations)
Main number 410-764-5989
Doreen Noppinger
Molly Dicken
Alexandra Fota
Amanda K. Jackson
Eunice Onwuchekwa
Gretchen Westphal
Brooks Whigham

Popular Consumer Requests

For inquiries regarding license renewal, license verifications and continuing education requirements 410-764-4705

For inquiries regarding physician licensure (initial and reinstatement) or to check the status of a physician application 410-764-3499

For inquiries regarding Interstate Medical Licensure Compact (IMLC), please visit the Board's website To request Physician/Allied Health Rosters or Mailing Lists not currently provided on the website at Roster and Lists, call 410-764-4770 or click Public Information Act (PIA) Requests

To reach Athletic Trainer Program 410-764-4661

To reach Naturopathic Doctor Program 410-764-4764

To reach the Perfusionist Program 410-764-4661

To reach Physician Assistant Program 410-764-4757 or 4669

To reach the Polysomnographic Technologist Program 410-764-4661

To reach Radiographers, Radiation Therapists, Nuclear Medicine, Radiologist Assistant, or Respiratory Care Practitioners Program 410-764-7983

To request a Complaint Form 410-764-2480 or click Complaints

To request MBP Newsletter/Materials 410-764-4777 or click Newsletters

For information regarding technical issues related to the Online New Physician Orientation 410-764-4736

For information regarding technical issues related to the Online Physician or Allied Health Renewal 410-764-4736

For information regarding the Professional Rehabilitation Program 410-962-5580

To reach the Designated Public Information Act (PIA) Contact 410-764-5972 or Email:

The Maryland Board of Physicians (Board) through its Limited English Proficiency (LEP) program provides translation services on Board matters. The services include telephonic translations, written document translation and on-site interpretations. To request any of these services or ask questions, please call 410-764-4770 or Email: