Allied Health Renewal FAQs

* New Changes*

Effective January 2, 2017, the CE regulations were amended to allow licensees to earn CE credits up to the date of license expiration instead of licensees being required to earn the credits prior to the date of submission of the license renewal application.

No. The renewal application is only available online.
No. Mobile devices such as smartphones, IPads, Kindle, etc. are not supported.
Your password is the last four (4) digits of your Social Security number.
Yes. Your financial data is protected by a 128-byte encryption using Symantec SSL certificate and is Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant.
You may change your name by downloading and completing a Name Change application and sending the form with the required fee and supporting documentation to the Maryland Board of Physicians (the Board). You cannot change your name through the online renewal application.
It can take anywhere from 15 to 60 minutes to complete depending on the applicants' response to each question. Certain responses such as “Yes” answers require additional information. Newly licensed or newly reinstated licensees may take longer to complete the application because their application information is not pre-filled.
Effective July 1, 2018, the Board discontinued accepting checks or money orders for payment of license renewal fees. The license renewal fee is payable online by Visa or Mastercard credit cards only (American Express not accepted). Credit card payment will not be accepted by phone or in-person at the Board's office.
Yes. No one at the Board has access to your credit card information. The system does not save your credit card information. We are a Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliant Merchant for Bank of America.
Completed applications are processed the next business day. The website will reflect your new expiration date 1 to 2 business days after processing.
After submission of the application and payment, you can immediately print your license. If a printer is not available, you can return later to print your license, receipt of payment, and a copy of the application. Select Print My License from the Board's website.
Exit the system and log on again. If you are still experiencing difficulties, contact Brenda Jones of the Board's IT Unit at
No, you cannot make changes to the online application after you have submitted it.
If you need to provide additional information or supporting documentation, mail your documentation to:

Maryland Board of Physicians
P.O. Box 2571, Baltimore, MD 21215
Attention: Renewal Unit

Be sure to include your name, license number, signature and date on each piece of correspondence.
No, there is no late renewal period. The on-line license renewal system closes at 11:59 p.m. (EST) on the expiration date of your license. Failure to renew your license by the expiration date will result in the termination of your license to practice in Maryland. There is no grace period after the expiration date.
To activate your license, you must reinstate it. Click to download the appropriate Allied Health Application forms and follow the instructions.
No. You cannot apply for license renewal until after the Board receives confirmation from the State Comptroller’s Office that your tax liability has been resolved or payment arrangements have been made. Contact the Comptroller’s Office at 410-974-2432.
No. You are not required to notify the Board. Your license will automatically expire if not renewed by the expiration date.
The CE Requirement for first-time license renewal varies according to the type of license you hold. With the exception of Perfusionists, Naturopathic Doctors, and Physician Assistants, all other allied health practitioners are not required to obtain continuing education credits for their first renewal after initial licensure. Click here to view the CE Regulations governing your practitioner type.
If you plan to maintain an active license, you must comply with CE regulations for license renewal.
Keep all CE documentation for 6 years.
Yes. On October 1, 2016, the Board implemented Criminal History Records Checks (CHRCs) for all licensees applying for renewal. You will not be allowed to complete the online renewal application without first acknowledging you have submitted your fingerprints for a CHRC. Licensees who applied for an initial license or reinstatement of an expired license after October 1, 2016 and submitted fingerprints as part of the application process do not have to submit a second CHRC to renew their license.
Yes. Results of a CHRC in another state or conducted elsewhere in Maryland cannot be sent to the Board. Your fingerprinting results are not shared with other agencies. You have to apply for CHRC for the Board using the CJIS and FBI authorization numbers below:
  • CJIS Authorization #: 1600000743
  • FBI ORI #: MD 920522Z
The law requires each renewing licensee to have a CHRC. Each entity/agency/employer has a unique authorization code from CJIS and the FBI. The responses are sent directly to the appropriate agency. CHRCs cannot be shared between entities/agencies/employers.
You can apply for a CHRC before the renewal period begins, but we recommend you do not submit your fingerprints earlier than 6 weeks before the date you intend to complete your license renewal application. The Board is only authorized to retain CHRC information for 90 days.
Do not call the Board to verify receipt of your CHRC results. Board staff will not verify receipt of results. Retain your receipt in your records. When you receive your CHRC results by mail, the Board receives the results at the same time.
You can renew your license. The Board evaluates positive results on a case-by-case basis.