Practitioner Profile FAQs

On April 18, 2017, the Sunset Extension bill eliminates Hospital Reporting of practitioner privileges every 6 months. The onus is now on the practitioner to provide hospital privilege updates through their profile.

New Law: Medical Liability Insurance (SB 195/HB 957). There will be a yes/no question on the upcoming renewal about whether a physician maintains medical liability insurance. The answer will be posted on the Practitioner Profiles.

During the 1999 Session of the Maryland General Assembly, Senate Bill 302 passed which requires the Board to create a profile on each licensed physician. In 2003, Senate Bill 500 expanded the profiles to include Allied Health practitioners.
The profile will include the following information:
  • Name of Licensee
  • License Number
  • License Issue Date
  • License Expiration Date
  • License Status (Active, Inactive, Expired, Probation, Suspension, Revoked, or Deceased)
  • Accepts Medicaid (yes or no) *
  • Primary Practice Setting/Public Address
  • Educational Information of Licensee Name(s) of any medical schools the licensee attended and graduated) *
  • Postgraduate Training Program/Area of Concentration *
  • Specialty Board Certification (Self-reported by licensee) *
  • Self-Designated Practice Area (Self-reported by licensee) *
  • Maryland Hospital Privilege Information (may self-report) *
  • Medical Licenses Held in Other States *
  • Summary of Known Disciplinary Actions by any State Medical Board (within the past 10 years)
  • Pending Charges with a Disclaimer
  • Consent Orders/Final Orders
  • Malpractice Judgments and Arbitration Awards (within the past 10 years) *
  • Summary of a Conviction of or Entry of a Plea of Guilty or Nolo Contendere by the Licensee for a Crime involving Moral Turpitude reported to the Board by the Court *

* Note: Items with an * are not available for Allied Health Practitioners

The Board compiled the information from various sources including Board files, information reported on the practitioner's last renewal, initial, or reinstatement application.
Practitioner's can register to edit their own demographic information. Information regarding medical school and post graduate training can be corrected by contacting the Board at
Click here for instructions to Edit My Profile.
Only a status of "Active", "Probation", or "Inactive" can update their profile information. If your license is suspended but the expiration date is still valid, you can contact the Board to update your profile. All other statuses cannot update their profile information on our website and we do not process any address change requests in writing or verbally.
Providing false information may be grounds for discipline including denial, suspension or revocation of a practitioner's license.