Current Board Sanctions for 2022

Name Sanction Date
Farison C. Padavil, Radiographer Termination of Probation. 01/25/2022
Anne Elizabeth Sugden, M.D. Termination of Probation. 01/25/2022
Sanjeev Singhal, M.D. Suspension Terminated. Probation for a minimum of two years; terms and conditions. 01/24/2022
Mehyar H. Torghabeh, M.D. License Granted. Reprimand. Probation; terms and conditions 01/24/2022
Andrew Gewirtz, M.D. Terms and conditions Satisfied. 01/21/2022
Melissa Rutherford, RCP Surrender of License. 01/19/2022
Susan Williams, Unlicensed Fine of $2,500.00 Satisfied. 01/19/2022
Peter Bruce Sherer, M.D. Termination of Probation. 01/12/2022
Andrew W. Loftus, M.D. Suspension Terminated. 01/11/2022
Lorrin David Martin, M.D. Reprimand. Civil fine of $5,000.00; payable within one year. 01/10/2022
Ravi Murali, M.D. Suspension. 01/10/2022
Howard J. Hoffberg, M.D. Suspension. 01/10/2022
Ramon Aparece, Unlicensed Cease and Desist. Civil fine of $20,000.00; payable within three years. 01/06/2022
Jonathan M. Rey, M.D. Terms and Conditions Satisfied. 01/06/2022
Whitaker M. Smith, M.D. Reprimand; terms and conditions. 01/06/2022
Kiesa J. Smith, RCP Reinstatement of License Granted. Reprimand. Probation for a minimum of one year; terms and conditions. 01/06/2022
Marcia B. Lobrano, M.D. Termination of Probation. 01/06/2022

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