Unlicensed Individuals with Charges

Name Date
Carole Heckman 09/23/2020

Unlicensed Individuals with Sanctions 2020

Name   Date
Akua N. Zenzele Civil fine of $5,000.00; Payable within two years. 09/16/2020
Suzanne Donithan Fine of $500 satisfied. 07/27/2020
Walter Lee Fine of $500.00 Satisfied. 07/02/2020
Carolyn Murray Fine of $10,000 Satisfied. 06/03/2020
Keith Bouchelion Cease and Desist. Civil Fine of $30,000.00; Payable within one year. 04/01/2020
Suzanne Donithan Civil fine of $3,000; Payable within six months. 01/31/2020

Archived Unlicensed Sanctions