Unlicensed Individuals with Charges 2021

Name Date
Annette Royer 07/27/2021
Kashina Walker 05/25/2021
Pramit Jitesh Patel 01/29/2021

Unlicensed Individuals with Sanctions 2021

Name   Date
Ramon Aparece, Unlicensed Cease and Desist. 09/09/2021
Annette Royer (Unlicensed) Cease and Desist. 07/26/2021
Solange Mason, Unlicensed. Fine of $30,000.00 Satisfied. 07/20/2021
Steven Lee Mills Application for Initial License to Practice Radiography Denied. 07/09/2021
Adrienne L. Corder, Unlicensed. Terms and Conditions Satisfied. 07/09/2021
Han Nguyen Fine of $100.00 Satisfied. 06/28/2021
Susan Williams Cease and Desist. Civil fine of $2,500; Payable within two years. 06/28/2021
Cheng Tan Fine of $2,500.00 Satisfied. Cease and Desist remains. 05/27/2021
Han Nguyen (Unlicensed) Cease and Desist. Civil fine of $100.00; Payable within thirty days. 05/25/2021
Kashina Walker Cease and Desist. 05/20/2021
Frank Edward Gainer Cease and Desist. 05/17/2021
Adrienne L. Corder Cease and Desist; Terms and conditions. 04/09/2021
Keith Bouchelion Fine of $30,000 Satisfied. 03/17/2021
Cheng Tan Cease and Desist. Civil fine of $2,500.00; payable within one year. 01/15/2021
Han Nguyen Cease and Desist. 01/15/2021
Pramit Jitesh Patel Cease and Desist. 01/11/2021

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