Terminated Sanctions for 2019

Name Sanction Date
Dennis Jan Kutzer, M.D. Fine of $1000 Satisfied. 11/15/2019
Mark Sperry, M.D. Fine of $500.00 Satisfied. 11/05/2019
Alan R. Vinitsky, M.D. Termination of Probation. 11/05/2019
Hettie T. Wilson, PA-C Fine of $500.00 Satisfied. 10/25/2019
Pankaj Merchia, M.D. Fine of $500 Satisfied. 10/03/2019
Wayne F. Ridpath, Radiographer Fine of $5,000 Satisfied. 10/03/2019
Jack D. Blaine, M.D. Probation imposed by the Consent Order, dated August 17, 2017, is terminated. Reprimand; Terms and conditions. 09/26/2019
Daniel J. Bochicchio, M.D. Suspension Terminated. Probation for a minimum of five years; Terms and Conditions. 09/26/2019
Hadi M. Rassael, D.O. Termination of Probation. 09/26/2019
Benedicta O. Udeagbala, D.O. Fine of $500 Satisfied. 09/19/2019
Frederick W. Willison, M.D. Fine of $500 Satisfied. 09/19/2019
David J. Novak, M.D. Terms and Conditions Satisfied. 09/17/2019
Raymond J. Altieri, M.D. Termination of Probation 09/1/2019
Stacy Shackelford, M.D. Fine of $500 Satisfied. 09/12/2019
Siraj Ahmed Sayeed, M.D. Fine of $500.00 Satisfied. 08/30/2019
Donovan A. Thompson, M.D. Fine of $500.00 Satisfied. 08/29/2019
Kayla Nicole Wilson Fine of $500 Satisfied. 08/28/2019
Minus G. Vasiliades, M.D. Termination of Probation 08/21/2019
Amile A. Korangy, M.D. Termination of Probation. 06/27/2019
Samuel W. Alleyne, M.D. Termination of Probation. 06/21/2019
Marnie J. Bernard, PA-C Termination of Probation. 06/04/2019
Philip W. Halstead, M.D. Probation and probationary terms and conditions of the Order After Show cause, dated October 30, 2017, are terminated. Suspension (effective 30 days after the Consent Order effective date) 05/24/2019
Alan H. Peck, M.D. Termination of Probation. 05/23/2019
Ruwani Gunawardane, M.D. Termination of Probation. 05/21/2019
Hugh L. Preas, II, M.D. Suspension Terminated. Probation for a minimum of two years; Terms and conditions. Civil fine of $10,000.00; Payable within six months. 05/17/2019
Amile A. Korangy, M.D. Reprimand. Probation imposed by the Order Terminating Suspension and Imposing Probation, dated June 2, 2014, is terminated. Probation; Effective until the physician complies with the probationary conditions. 05/15/2019
Maria Shesiuk, PA-C Termination of Probation. 05/14/2019
Mishal Patel, PA-C Fine of $500 satisfied. 05/09/2019
Susan D. Rich, M.D. Suspension Terminated. Probation for a minimum of ten months; Terms and conditions. Civil fine of $15,000.00; Payable within probationary period. 04/22/2019
Cimenga M. Tshibaka, M.D. Termination of Probation. 04/18/2019
Ann K. Biser, PA-C Termination of Probation. 04/18/2019
George H. Bone, M.D. Termination of Probation. 04/17/2019
Alfredo Quinones-Hinojosa, M.D. Fine of $500 satisfied. 04/16/2019
Okechukwu A. Nwodim, D.O. Termination of Conditions. 04/05/2019
Robert Chou, M.D. Termination of Probation. 04/03/2019
Jonah Odim, M.D. Fine of $500 satisfied. 03/26/2019
Mubashar A. Choudry, M.D. Fine of $20,000 satisfied. 03/26/2019
Sarkis Sarkissian, M.D. Probation Terminated. 03/13/2019
Vickey K. Manning, PA-C Termination of Probation. 02/11/2019
Abdul Razaq, M.D. Termination of Probation. 01/22/2019
Cecilia Nwankwo, M.D. Termination of Probation. 01/22/2019
Edward I. Obazee, M.D. Termination of Probation. 01/18/2019
Mirza H.A. Baig, M.D. Termination of Probation. 01/15/2019
Patrick E. Callahan, M.D. Termination of Probation. 01/04/2019
Paul F. Ambush, M.D. Termination of Probation. 01/02/2019

Archived Terminations